Digital Delivery System

Digital Delivery System is our supper charged Social Media Sharing Station. This social media sharing station can be programed to run in a numerous ways. 

Vladimir Kalman Founder of Reflection Media

By Vlad K

What is a Digital Delivery System?

Changing the way people share pictures and videos all over the world.

A digital delivery system is a supper charged social media station with tons of useful features and data. 

What can it do and how does it work you may want to know?

Lets start with the basics.

Email Sharing – Guest Email there photo and video that they have created at your event. Then they pick the email feature and enter there email address. With in seconds they receive a Branded Email from our companies email address, Included any wording for Subject line and body of email. Since all emailed come from you if anyone replays with any updates like, The event was amazing thanks!. You will get them.


Text Messaging – Using Our SMS or MMS feature means your guest will have the ability to get there photos or video directly to there phones, by entering there phone number into the digital delivery system and know as a social media sharing station. Also text messages can be delivery via what we call Branded Micro Sites and Short code.

Facebook sharing on the guest page – Guest will take there photo and videos any one of out Photo Booths then head over to the digital delivery system. Find there images and click share on facebook, with a quick login and security confirmation that facebook put in place they click share and there images are uploaded instantaneously.

Facebook Fan page sharing – We have the ability to per log into your facebook fan page and automatically post every single picture or video directly to that page.

Instagram Sharing – Clients log into there Instagram accounts via social media station and with one click they picture, GIF or video is instantly posted. 

Twitter Sharing – Guest come up to the sharing station log onto there Twitter Account and with a click there post is live.


More coming soon!!!

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