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Considering a photo or video booth for your next event, let me explain to how the process of picking the right booth and features for your next brand activation or social event works. Hope this help!

Vladimir Kalman Founder of Reflection Media


You might be asking your self, Where do I start?

I think lets start by exploring the types of photo booth styles on the market today.

1: Open Air Photo Booths
An open air photo booth is when the booth itself sit in front of a back drop of some sort. This type of booth in many cases is open from all sides. The benefits in my option are that you can usually have a larger group of people take a picture. The cons are there is no privacy for the people taking pictures, but who cares right 😉

2: Enclosed Photo Booths
An enclosed photo booth is when there is some sort of structure that guest have to walk in to be able to take a picture. The Benefits other then privacy is that you can create a full branded interactive experience for a small group. The cons is that other people cant see how much fun people are having on the inside.

Lets explore some features of both booth styles available these days.

We are in the business of making people smile!

In my options features are really what makes any photo or video booth special. Honestly its more then just the pictures its the whole user experience.

There are truly a ton of photo and video booth features available out there, ill talk about ones we offer and provide you a few links to check them out.

Standard Photo Booth Pictures – This is when a guest or guests get a number of pre determined pictures taken by the booth and then printed on any number of different print sizes from classic 2×6 photo strips, 4×6 postcards and even 5×7 postcard prints.

Animated GIF – An Animated GIF is when the photo booth takes a pre set number of pictures that are then put together to make a full little video for guest to email, text or share on social media.

Burst GIF – A Burst GIF is a very quick pre set number pictures are put together to make a funny fast video that guest can share on social media or by text and email.

Green Screen Photo – Green Screen Photo is when guest stand in front of a Green aka chroma key background to take there pictures, the software then removes the green background and replaces it with a pre determined background. 

Green Screen Photo or Burst GIF – This is a combination of two features working simultaneously.

Slow Motion Video – This is a video activation that takes a small 7 second video and slows it down to make a fun, cool video for guest to share on there social media or by email and text.

There are just a few features that are available. I did not want to over load you guys. Please check out the photo gallery below to fond some examples of what I just discussed. 


I hope that I was better able to explain the photo booth user experience. I look forward to updating this section of our website often as features change. Please come back and check it out.

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