Why Experience Matters.

Reflection Media, established in 2015 has become a leader in the Boston, MA area in providing photo booth services, whether it is a small birthday party or a large wedding/corporate event we have a photo booth that will fit your events goal & budget. Contact us today and find out why so many customers are using Reflection Media as their leading choice and why we are one of the most trusted names in the industry.

When looking for the right provider for your next photo or video booth activation consider that experience matters. These are just a few things to look out for. Why hire more then just another photo booth company.
Vladimir Kalman Founder of Reflection Media


Experience matters. Why not just any Photo or Video Booth will do for your brands next activation? The reality is 80% of all photo booth providers are in United States are either weekend warriors working from home or a DJ / Photographers company using it as a extra revenue source. Witch in reality is not the worst thing if you just need a sample booth with standard features and not much customization

There are no do-overs in the event industry, so make a good first impression.

Brand Activations usually require a little more customization when it comes to work flow and branding. Your clients goals are very important to understand when picking the right Photo or Video Booth provider. A good place to start is by asking a few very basic questions. I will list some important keep points.

Ask the Right Questions? 

Have you ever worked with a Brand Activation and if so would you have any samples to show us? Here is some of our work.

What features can you offer with your booth? Some of our features.

What is included in your rental fee? Most companies I have come across offer the lowest price to real you in and then up sell features and add on to make more money. With us the price you see is the price you pay no matter what features are needed for your activation.
Who will handle working with us after we book? This in my option is one of the most important questions when hiring a Photo and Video Booth vender. With us the person you start working with when booking is the same person that will handle your event from start to finish, this is what i think really sets us apart.
Also a companies experience matters, the only way someone can fix a problems is if they had it happen to them. No one can teach someone how to avoid a Photo or Video booth problem. We have lived throw it and thats why we have the experience needed to make sure they will never happen again.

There are really lots of questions that should be asked and only if you are satisfied with the answers should you book. Please be aware of home made booths, most people that build a booth on there own are doing so to save money and we have come across some really bad ones. Ill include some pictures below!

Don’t Let this happen to you.

Where I get this picture from you might ask? Well It happens to be that a close friend of mine is a event coordinator for a event space in NYC. He called me at 1:30PM and said Vlad I need your help and I need it now! When I arrived at 3:00PM with one of our Mini Mirror Booth to the venue the gentleman who’s booth that was had already left after being asked to by the client. who hired then from GroupOn. Within 30 Min I was set up and the event went perfectly. Im not the only full time photo and video booth provider in the city who would have been able to come in and save the day but to my friends client who was almost in tears. I was able to save the day. Please friends be carful of who you hire even if its not ME 🙂 

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